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Bubble Bomb

Bubblegum X THC Bomb - Mercy Tree

Sweet and tangy with hints of bubblegum. Indica leaning hybrid. Grown hydrophonically.

Hand watered and hand trimmed. Smooth, delicious and sweet.

Relax with this tasty strain and enjoy your evening.

THC 15.68%



Sativa - Fuzzy Buds

The good, the bad and the SKUNKY. Get up and go with this sexy, power house sativa.

Smells so good you'll want to share it. Fat dense nugs that get down to work quickly leaving you satisfied.

Earthy, skunky and funky.

THC 28.00%


Tangerine Power

Agent Orange x Blue Power - Mercy Tree

This strain should be named "I want this!" Knock your socks off aroma and a citrus

taste with hints of vanilla that lingers long after your sesh is over, but don't take our word for it.

Ask your budtender for a bowl of this awesome strain in an fat pack.

THC 16.59%


Paradise Nebula

Indica Dominant - Danish Gardens
THC 18.51%


Sensi Star

Fuzzy Buds

Wind down your day with this powerful Indica. Earthy, woody flavors turn into a full body experience.

Smooth, dependable and just what you need.

THC 24.13%


THC Bomb

50/50 - Danish Gardens

Grab some snacks and your Honey because anything is possible with this tasty hybrid. Grown

hydrophonically. Hand selected and hand trimmed just for you. Get it before it's gone.

THC 17.09%


Train wreck

Sativa Dominant - Mercy Tree

This classic sativa hybrid that has genetics that cross the globe. Mexican, Thai and Afghani linage, this strain is one of the best for a daytime sesh. Smooth lemon and pine flavors. Great for bong rips, even better in a vaporizer. Fat pack favorite!

THC 16.74%


DG Kush

Indica Dominant - Danish Gardens

This indica dominant hybrid is a real crowd pleaser. Relax with this lazy hazy strain.

Choice dense buds.

THC 23.12%


Tundra Skunk

Danish Gardens

No doubt about it, this strain is a heavy indica. Skunky and pungent with a generous THC percentage.

If you are looking to forget your troubles and chill. This is the strain for you.

THC 23.00%


AK - 47

Danish Gardens

The strain was named after the Russian Kalashnikov rifle for the one hit effects that the strain offers. Ranking as one of the most well known strains in the world, AK-47 is a sativa-dominant hybrid (60/40%) that also has a substantial Indica presence, giving it a balanced head and body high

THC 22.29%


Blue Dream

Blueberry Indica x Sativa Haze - Fuzzy Budz

No introduction needed for this sativa dominant hybrid.

This Cali girl is popular everywhere she goes. Perfect daytime smoke.

THC 21.35%



Mercy Tree

Heavy body hitting Indica leaves your head clear and lucid. Creamy cookies with hints of blackberry. Not for the occasional toker but perfect for those who value taste and quality high. Grown in Hydro/coco by our friends at Mercy Tree.

THC 19.94%



Indica - Green Go

The blissful, tanquilizing euphoria and rich, acrid hash flavor with hints of pine are sure to please lovers of classic indica strains everywhere. Straight one of the best nighttime strains.

THC 15.22%


Kimbo Kush

Indica Dominant - Fuzzy Budz

Feels like a full on indica so don't be fooled by the hybrid status. This girl has a potent punch so grab your blanket and you honey and dig in for the night. Lens itself well to vaping. Not for the newbie.

THC 19.09%


Golden Cobra

Sativa Dominant - Grape Kush X Tangie

Citrus sweet deliciousness that gets the creative juices flowing.  Perfect choice for when you want to keep moving.

 We love the lemon flavor and the THC level is just right. Great in a fat pack.

THC 15.06%


Green Go
THC 17.63%


Grilled Cheese

Indica Dominant - Terra House

These dense mugs are filled with a funky sour aroma. Packs an invigorating and uplifting body high. Grown down on the peninsula by the one of our craft growers. Lovely and smooth.

THC 22.93%


CBD - Green Go
THC 5.97%
CBD 8.98%


For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children. Marijuana can impair concentration, coordination and judgement.

Do not operate vehicle or machinery under the influence of this drug. There are many health risks associated with consumption of this product.

This product has intoxicating effects and may be habit-forming.


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